What You Need To Know About Getting A Facial

Having a facial done is a great way to rejuvenate your skin and leave behind softer, smoother, healthier looking skin. In fact, a facial should be a regular part of every skin care routine. In order to maintain a healthy glow, it is recommended that you have a facial done every four to six weeks. But there are a few things you should know in order to choose the facial that is right for you and to properly prepare for a facial beforehand and properly care for it afterwards. Here is what you need to know:

There are different types of facials

There are many different types of facials available, and just because a specific type of facial worked well for one of your friends or someone else you know doesn’t mean you will be able to achieve the same results from the same type of facial. The type of facial that is right for you will be based on your type of skin. Before you book a facial appointment, you should think carefully about the type of skin you have and the results that you want to achieve by having a facial done. Then, discuss these things with your esthetician so the two of you can determine what type of facial will be right for you.

Don’t have other procedures done before the facial

It is important that you don’t have another procedure such as a wax or a brow tint done prior to your facial. Procedures like shaving, waxing, threading, and tinting all leave your skin slightly sensitive afterwards. A facial is done using extractions to cleanse the skin and massaging to apply product deep into the skin, so having another procedure done prior to a facial can result in extreme irritation to your skin.

Don’t wear makeup to the salon

Most people don’t wear makeup when they go to the gym because they know the sweat from their workout can interact with the makeup products and irritate their skin. The same principal applies to having a facial done. Wearing makeup when you are going to have a facial done is unproductive because the facial cannot work properly with makeup on. You might as well save yourself the time of having to remove all your makeup before your facial by just arriving at the salon with your natural, beautiful skin.

Avoid and protect your skin from the sun

The sun’s harmful UV rays are extremely damaging to our skin, especially to our faces. You should try to avoid the sun as much as possible before and immediately after having your facial done, and when you do have to go out in the sun you should always make sure you are using a strong, quality SPF for protection.

Don’t exfoliate

Typically, exfoliation is good for the skin. But a facial uses a lot of steam and deep scrubbing, which means your face has already been deeply exfoliated during your facial. It is possible to exfoliate too much, and this can result in really irritable and sensitive skin. It is best to avoid exfoliating or any deep scrubbing cleanse for at least a week after your facial has been completed.

Now that you know everything you need to about facials, call to schedule your next facial appointment with Neuvo Health today!