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What Is A Medical Spa?

Is the concept of medical spa new to you? Not many people know what it’s exactly meant for as it became popular very recently. A medical spa is a combination of a traditional day spa and a medical clinic. It’s meant to provide the same spa-like relaxing experience with procedures that are usually performed a doctor’s office (but still by an MD!).

Medical Spa vs. Traditional Spa

The medical procedures which cannot be performed at an average spa are performed at a medical spa. You have guessed it right, the medical spas are affiliated, supervised or run by doctors. Medical spas provide more specific and effective body and skin treatments than traditional day spas.

Treatments offered at Medical spas

Not all medical spas are alike, but you can expect to see most of the same types of services. Traditional spas offer services including salon treatments, facials, massages etc. At a medical spa, you enjoy all these essentials with corrective, non-surgical cosmetic treatments.  Botox, laser treatments, collagen induction therapy, coolsculpting, and tons of other treatments are included in the daily procedures. In short, you will find treatments for acne, hair removal, skin aging, cellulite, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and more. These treatments are specialized just like the ones typically offered at a plastic surgery or dermatology clinic.

Who performs the treatments?

If you are wondering who performs the treatment you have asked for, it depends on the treatment itself. Estheticians handle the routine day spa therapies whereas, physicians oversee the procedures.

The esthetician performs non-medical procedures which are basically cosmetic procedures like wraps, massages, and facials. Some estheticians also perform non-invasive treatments like chemical peels, acne treatments, and microdermabrasion.

In general, all medical procedures must be performed by the physician.  So, if you opt for a laser treatment, a chemical peel or injectables, the doctor will perform them.

Cost of the treatments at a medical spa

Since treatments like skin tightening and laser skin therapy involve the use of specialized equipment, the cost of these treatments can be more expensive – but are far less than surgical cosmetic procedures while producing similar end results. Before you book an appointment with a medical spa, ask them about the equipment in use. As technology is constantly evolving, you must choose a space that has the most up to date equipment available.

Are the treatments at a medical spa worth it?

Individuals respond to skin and body treatments differently; even biological twins may respond to the same treatment differently. To avoid any disappointment, ask the aesthetician or physician about the treatment protocol i.e. how many treatments will you need and what you must do to maintain the results. They should be able to look at your skin and determine the right treatment for it.

Some doctors lend their names to a medical spa too and their involvement is very minimum. For your treatment, it is recommended to choose a reputable spa that always has a doctor hand. You will then be amazed by the results.

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