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What Happens To The Fat During CryoLipo? And Other FAQs.

Are you dealing with the stubborn body fat which is not seeing to go away? Even though you are working hard to get rid of this fat and for this purpose, you are doing exercises and dieting on a continuous basis. Are you really feeling like you are just stuck with your extra fat and never going to get rid of it? Well, CryoLipo can be the best thing to deal with this stubborn bulge in an effective way. T

What Is CryoLipo?

In the process of CryoLipo, or cryolipolysis, an applicator is used to apply a freezing temperature to the affected parts of your body – the areas where you want to get rid of stubborn body fat. With the application of the freezing temperature, the fat cells of that area will die off, but the skin is left undamaged. Fat cells are not as resilient to certain temperatures as other cells (like skin cells) within the body. The freezing temperature damages the fat cell causing it to die and begin to break down.

As the cells break down, the remnants are taken away by the natural mechanism within your body that removes dead cells, waste, and other toxins – your circulatory and liver system. Eventually these cells and by-products are cycled through as part of your body’s natural waste.

Most of us who are dealing with the body fat knows the fact that the most problematic areas from where it can become really tough to get off the fat are love handles, thighs, and abdomen. And fortunately, CryoLipo has been approved for being used on all of these three areas effectively. And another benefit that you can get is that this entire process is performed in a clinic without a surgical knife which means no downtime following your procedure.

CryoLipo: One of the most effective procedures to deal with the extra body fat

There are many procedures available to deal with your fat cells but keep in mind the fact that these procedures can affect the surrounding tissues too. In most of the methods being used to deal with the stubborn body fat, the processes consist of extracting, shattering, and/or burning of the fat cells. This puts the surrounding, healthy tissue at risk for damage or even infection. Fat removal surgeries require extensive recovery time because of its invasive tactics.

For those who want a better option, CryoLipo can effectively, over time, diminish the stubborn areas which exercise and dieting have failed to minimize. CryoLipo procedures are the only methods that allow for precise fat cell targeting with minimum side effects.

The process of CryoLipo has been proven to be safe among other various methods which are available for the same purpose. Numerous clinical studies and peer reviews have proven this process the most effective and trusted. More than 1 million CryoLipo procedures has been performed around the world with desirable results.

What Happens To The Fat During CryoLipo?

Unlike the process of liposuction, which is a surgical method for the removal of the fat cells, CryoLipo uses freezing technology to target the fat cells of your body under the skin. As mentioned before, freezing temperatures damage fat cells and cause them to break down – a concept introduced by scientists of Harvard Medical College. The targeted fat cells don’t shrink or move but actually dissipate and are dispelled from your body as a form of waste. Because of its methods, it is the perfect way to eliminate the excess fat cells from your body completely and permanently.

CryoLipo is a method for fat reduction and should not be considered a weight loss treatment or solution. The procedure is best on healthy individuals who have regular exercise routines and who practice healthy eating habits, but who have certain areas of the body that are not responding well to their efforts. Areas like the hips, abdomen, and thighs can be more stubborn to tone, especially following life events like pregnancy or major weight loss transformation.

How Long Will It Take To Show The Results Of CryoLipo?

This procedure itself is fairly quick to complete, but you are not going to see the results immediately. You will begin to notice the change in your body shape (or at least how you fit into certain clothes) after about three weeks as the break down of the fat cells continue.

The most amazing results that you will have typically appear after about two to four months. This is because the body keep changing due to continuous elimination of dead fat cells from your system. Keep in mind that the process of CryoLipo does not change the distribution of the fat cells in untreated areas.

For How Long The Results Of CryoLipo Will Last?

Once the fat cells of your body have died and have beend eliminated from the body, then it is gone for good. However, undergoing the CryoLipo process does not mean that you will never gain weight. It is recommended to continue your regular workout routine to stay fit and healthy after CryoLipo treatment.

Who Is A Good Candidate For CryoLipo?

Men and women with a healthy lifestyle can be good candidates for CryoLipo. CryoLipo is known as one of the most effective treatments for fat reduction but should not be seen as a weight loss procedure. So, ideal candidates may have some areas of stubborn fat they haven’t been able to lose even with proper eating habits and exercise. CryoLipo is fast, safe, non-surgical, and non-invasive. Freezing fat cells can be a natural, effective and harmless solution for everyone.


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