Underarm Waxing

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As with the legs, the armpits are another area of the body women frequently remove hair from and other indivudals including athletes, swimmers and body builders included, and conciensious men may also frequently remove hair from their underarms. However, shaving every day can cause skin irration and be downright annoying – but relief is in sight!

Unlike shaving, waxing eliminates the hair from the root, causing the hair to take longer to grow (about four weeks). Prior to your underarm waxin g appointment, ensure the hair is trimmed to about a quarter of an inch (this reduces your discomfort during the waxing session) and avoid putting on any deodorant as it can get in the way of a proper waxing application.

We utilize a heated wax for underarm hair removal. The area is lightly pretreated with a talcom powder to reduce irritation to the skin and then apply an even coating of wax to one of your armpits. The wax only requires a few seconds to cool and is then quickly pulled away, taking your underarm hair (and daily shaving) with it. We perform this process again with your other side.

Following your waxing, we recommend avoiding applying any creams, deoderants, or oils on the area for the rest of the day to minimize the risk of irritation in the area. Waxing not only serves as a hair removal process but also an exfoliation of dead surface skin cells, so the area will have a fresh layer of cells that can be more sensitive to underarm products.

Before waxing your underarm, our experts and professionals make sure the skin is clean and does not contain traces of creams, deodorants or any type of oil. Once the area depilated should apply a moisturizer or better still, aloe Vera gel to prevent redness and irritation. We never use any alcohol-based product to last a day after waxing.