Leg Waxing

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If you want to achieve lasting and enviable results, the waxing methods employed at Neuvo Health and Wellness are the answer you have been looking for. Waxing fully removes the hairs of your legs and delay the reappearance of hair growth between three to four weeks. Undoubtedly, waxing is the most effective method since it weakens the hair from the first session and leaves a smooth skin surface.

Before starting, we clean your legs well, dry them, and lightly coat them with talcom poweder to keep the wa from sticking to the skin. Then, we apply the heated wax to your leg hairs with a spatula-like tool. Moving from the knee to the ankle, the wax is applied and removed in stips about two inches wide, five inches long, and a quarter of an inch thick. The wax quickly cools and traps the hairs of the leg within it; we then remove it with a strong and quick pull against the growth of your leg hairs.

If you want to get clean and beautiful legs without unwanted hair, pay a visit to Neuvo Health and Wellness and enjoy the spa services offered. We will surely facilitate you and give you our best!