Bikini Waxing

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A bikini wax is a popular to manage and maintain hair growth around the pubic region without having to fully commit to removing all of your hair. The bikini style of waxing concentrates on the removal of the edges around your pubic hair growth – the hairs that may be visible while wearing a bikini bathing suit, including inside of your thighs and just below your naval.

A bikini wax is popular among first time waxers and individuals who have an appreciation for a more “classic” look. As with any waxing service, some discomfort may be present, but it will primarily depend on your interpretation of what constitutes as pain, you level of relaxation prior to the application of the wax, and how many times you have gotten this waxing service before.

Your first visit will usually be your most uncomfortable and the discomfort will fade as you continue to wax the bikini area. We also recommend trimming the outer region that will be waxed to about a quarter of an inch. The shorter length will be easier for the wax to adhere to and lessening discomfort as the wax is pulled away.