Back & Chest Waxing

Back & Chest Waxing2018-11-14T06:59:26+00:00

Many men have hairs on their chest and back. For some, it is not annoying; however, others prefer to remove them to feel more comfortable or attractive. Chest and back hair may also be removed for practical reasons, not just aesthetic. Athletes commonly seek back or chest waxing services in order to improve their performance (like swimmers) or show off muscle definition for competitions (i.e. body builders). Some woman may even be plagued with visible hairs on their chest and back and seek waxing services to eliminated the growth and increase their confidence.

Waxing is one of the most affordable and effective ways to remove excess hair. Hot depilatory wax is applied to the chest or back area and allowed to cool. This type of wax is the recommended for chest and back hairs since it is effective in eliminating them in the first application. The cooling process hardens the wax and traps the hairs. It is quickly removed in the opposite direction of the hair growth for a fast and moderately pain free removal of the chest or back hair.

Results of chest or back hair waxing typically last up to 6 weeks and the regrowth is usually not as coarse. Repititive treatments cause the skin to become more used to the procedure and discomfort lessens with each application. As an added bonus, waxing also services as an exfoliation process, leaving smoother skin behind.