Arm Waxing

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The arms are one of the parts of the body that makes its way into the subject of hair removal, and that is that more and more women are embarrassed with the amount of hair they have in this area of ​​their skin. Some arms with a lot of hair can cause insecurity, or low self-esteem, preventing us from exposing the arms freely. For others, removal of arm hair is practical – athlethes such as swimmers and body builders frequently remove arm hair to improve their performance or enhance their looks.

At Neuvo Health and Wellness Spa, our recommended method to eliminate hair from the arms is depilatory wax as it eradicates the hairs from the roots, besides weakening and slowing down the growth. To carry out this depilatory procedure, we apply a layer of warm wax in the direction of the growth of the hairs, wait a few seconds to allow the wax to cool and capture the arm hairs, and quickly withdraw in the opposite direction to the growth of the hairs. With this waxing technique, we apply talc at the beginning and aloe Vera at the end to give a feeling of freshness and avoid irritation.

Finally, we invite you to Neuvo Health and Wellness Spa to safely eliminate the hairs from the root, enjoy the results for up to 5 or 6 weeks later. As you will see, it is ideal for people who, due to one reason or another, cannot rely on weekly shaving to provide the results desired.