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Understanding Your Minimally Invasive Options To Tighten Loose Skin

Last week we discussed non-invasive treatment options available to help tighten loose skin, including skin tightening lotions and creams, ultrasound, radio frequency therapy, and laser therapy. As we discussed, these skin care treatments are referred to as being non-invasive because they do not puncture the skin and should not leave the area tender afterwards.

But sometimes, non-invasive skin therapy treatments are just not effective enough at obtaining the results we desire. Or maybe you are hoping to see more immediate results than what your non-invasive therapy options will allow. In these cases, there are options for minimally invasive skin therapy treatments. Minimally invasive skin therapy treatments provide the maximum amount of skin tightening and lifting possible without having cosmetic surgery. This week we will be taking a closer look at your minimally invasive skin therapy options.

Here is what you need to know about minimally invasive skin-tightening options:

Minimally invasive skin therapy options compared to cosmetic surgery

It is important to realize that cosmetic surgery is the only way to obtain dramatic results. And while these cosmetic surgeries such as a facelift, neck lift, tummy tuck, or eyelid surgery are able to provide the most easily recognizable results, they also come with serious risks, require extensive recovery time, and can have complications, just as any other surgery. Minimally invasive skin therapy options on the other hand are able to give you the most noticeable results without having to have extremely invasive cosmetic surgery done, and they require less recovery time after the procedure, and have far less serious risks associated with them. While having a minimally invasive skin therapy procedure performed, you will still be sedated and will require a couple days of recovery time afterwards.

Types of minimally invasive skin therapy options

If you decide you want to have a minimally invasive skin therapy procedure done to help tighten and lift your loose skin, you will likely be choosing between two primary treatment options: radiofrequency treatment and laser resurfacing. Here is what you should know about each minimally invasive option:

Radiofrequency Treatments

With a minimally invasive radiofrequency skin therapy treatment, your dermatologist will insert a thin tube or tiny needles into the top layer of your skin to heat the tissue lying farther down below. This method allows the dermatologist to target the heat directly to the areas that need tightening, which therefore provides quicker and more accurate results. Most people will begin to see results within the first month, and some continue to see gradual lifting and tightening for up to a year. Radiofrequency skin therapy treatments are commonly used by dermatologists when the desire is to tighten loose skin on the neck or upper arms. When having a radiofrequency skin therapy treatment done, you will need to bring someone else with you as you will not be able to drive yourself home. Your dermatologist might recommend wearing a compression sleeve for approximately 5 days. Finally, your dermatologist should discuss proper wound dressing and care for after the procedure.

Laser Resurfacing Treatments

Laser resurfacing skin therapy treatments are considered the most effective treatment for lifting and tightening loose skin.  However, some consider laser resurfacing a cosmetic surgery because this form of skin therapy treatment does require a longer recovery period and has more risks of experiencing side effects like scarring. After having a laser resurfacing treatment completed, you will need to be prepared to spend about a week at home recovering. Once you have finished healing, you should begin to see results appear within approximately two weeks. However, this form of skin therapy treatment is typically able to tighten loose skin better than any other skin-tightening treatment and may also decrease fine lines and wrinkles and correct dark spots from damage or aging.

How do you know if minimally invasive skin therapy treatments are right for you?

Before you decide to have a minimally invasive skin therapy treatment completed to help tighten and lift loose skin, you should discuss your options with an experienced skin therapy medical doctor to determine if the treatment is right for you. Most people are able to safely qualify to have a minimally invasive skin tightening treatment done, but these procedures definitely should not be done on anyone who is currently pregnant, has an existing infection of the skin, or who is taking certain medications. People who are most likely to achieve the greatest benefits from minimally invasive skin therapy treatments include people who:

  • Currently have and are able to maintain a healthy weight
  • Have healthy eating habits and follow a nutritious diet
  • Do not consume alcohol, or who consume very little alcohol
  • Are non-smokers
  • Appropriately guard their skin from sun damage
  • Do not ever participate in indoor tanning
  • Do not have a large amount of loose or sagging skin

If you aren’t sure if you are a good candidate for a minimally invasive skin therapy treatment, it is best to speak to your doctor first.

If you have already tried non-invasive skin therapy treatments with little success, or you are considering minimally invasive skin therapy treatments for faster results, contact the medical specialists at Neuvo Health to schedule your initial consultation with one of our doctors.

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