Hands Photo-Rejuvenation

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As the world progresses forward, science and technology seem to be discovering new and innovative solutions to all the problems humankind has ever faced. One such example is finding a cure to the damaged skin of one’s hands, using light. While this may sound unrealistic, this process of photo-rejuvenation is being successfully carried out in many parts of the world, yielding positive effects.

Over time, people accumulate many conditions that make the skin appear less healthy than what it used to be, and aging has its own share of visible signs. While it is agreed that the face suffers the most in this regard, the hands can also not be ignored entirely.

Having hands that look clean and young matters a lot to many people and can be an excellent way to boost their self-confidence and idea of self-worth. Many unwelcome hand conditions may include hereditary issues, sun damage, wrinkles, broken capillaries, and reactions to some medication, pregnancy, or even hyperpigmentation.

Hand Photo-Rejuvenation Provides The Solution

Photo-rejuvenation is a nonsurgical and noninvasive medical procedure that employs the usage of laser light therapy to target problem areas and eliminate them. These lasers are specially crafted to target pigmentation issues, sun damage, age spots, and similar issues while leaving the surrounding skin unaffected. The laser lights are released as short pulses and are absorbed by darker pigmented areas where they work to breakdown the melanin and remove the dark spots from the hands.

The laser light therapy of photo-rejuvenation releases heated energy which is absorbed by the tissue of the skin, encouraging circulation and collagen production. This also helps to close blood vessels on the surface of the skin that have been causing visible vascular lesions. The overall effect of photo-rejuvenation of the hands provides clearer, healthier skin with a more even skin tone.

With a lack of skin irritation allows for minimal downtime and visible results in just one treatment.

Advantages Of Hand Photo Rejuvenation

The first and foremost benefit of the hand photo-rejuvenation is that it repairs the damage on the hands brought on by the sun, aging, and certain medical conditions or medication. The second benefit is that it tightens and dampens the wrinkles that may be found on the hands. Photo-rejuvenation makes your hands look flawless and younger.