Décolletage Skin Rejuvenation

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Whether you call it the décolletage or describe it as the décolleté, the area that encompasses the neckline, cleavage, and shoulders is one of the most visible and showcased parts of a body. The skin of décolletage and chest, also called décolleté, was a sign of a young woman’s beauty, sensuality, and sexuality throughout history. To this day, the décolletage is commonly revealed in everyday women’s wear and this constant exposure leads to premature signs of aging and sun damage.

The skin on the chest is usually exposed to the sun, making it extremely vulnerable to sunspots, wrinkles and other signs of aging. Add to that loss of volume that naturally occurs by aging, the décolletage loses its youthful appearance.

Why Does the Cleavage and Neckline Aging is so Quickly?

  • Sun Exposure: Because the chest and neckline area is slanted out away from our face, the sun’s rays strike the neck and chest directly. The chest and neck skin often burn before the face when you are out in the sun. Since the neckline gets more sun, skin aging changes are accelerated.
  • Thin Skin: Our skin at the neckline, chest and décolleté is much thinner than the back, hands, and feet. Thin skin is more sensitive to sun damage and changes due to aging, as the sun can penetrate deeper into a deep, dense skin layer where aging-related changes are most advanced.

Easy answers for a younger Décolletage Skin Rejuvenation

The good news is this; many of the noninvasive procedures we do to make a face more youthful also work well on the décolletage. Décolletage rejuvenation starts with topicals solutions, such as hydroxy acid, retinol or antioxidant creams. These help to smooth the skin and increase collagen turnover.

How Can We Remove Cleavage and Neckline or Décolletage?

  • Retin A Basic Skin Care: Retin A is the only skin care product that has been proven to prevent and reverse skin aging and sun damage. Although Retin A is costly and requires a prescription, most people spend vast amounts of over the counter anti-aging skin creams that just do not work and have no scientific proof of effectiveness. Dermatologists and plastic surgeons know the remarkable benefits of Retin A, that’s why they prescribe it for Décolletage Skin Rejuvenation. Use Retin A on your face, neck, and chest.
  • Microdermabrasion: Microdermabrasion is the best form of deep peel the most effective. The exfoliation removes dead and damaged skin cells from the surface of the skin. Once the dead and damaged skin cells have been removed, younger skin cells have been detected, and your skin looks fresher and younger as the younger skin cells are visible.
  • Photo-Rejuvenation: These treatments consist of intense pulsing lights to target the hyperpigmentation of the skin caused by adding or sun damage and remove them from the surface of the skin. The procedure may cause discomfort however, this will largely depend on your personal tolerance level. Photo-rejuvenation is a highly effective treatment of the décolletage that is conducted in three treatment sessions over a period of 4 to 6 weeks. Improvements in the appearance of your décolletage can be seen after the first treatment session but will improve greatly over the course of the 6 weeks and after.
  • Lasers Are Too Strong for the Décolletage Rejuvenation: Laser resurfacing goes too deep to be used on the chest area. As mentioned earlier the skin of the chest and décolletage is very thin, so there is minimal potential for healing of the chest area after laser resurfacing.

Your decolletage and neck are an important and often neglected part of your appearance. Changes in neck skin aging appear faster than anywhere else on your body. Learn more about how to protect and preserve your neck and chest skin.