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Lasers Vs. Peels: What’s The Best Way to Zap Dark Spots

Having dark spots on your face, chest, and other body parts can be a bit of a problem. At first, they might appear as harmless freckles, but after some time, they become part and parcel of your body. We are here to find out just how to get rid of those spots in the body.


Getting rid of dark spots in the body

To peel or to use a laser, that’s the question to be answered when it comes to ways of removing dark spots from skins. Will peeling be a recommended alternative or will laser suffice?

Between Laser Treatment and Chemical peels which is better?

Without mixing words, Laser is far the better option. Let’s create a backdrop to expand on the point. Melanocyte cells are stimulated by sunlight, and this leads to the production of pigments that are transferred to the various skin cells. This is the cause of dark spots on the skin. With the advent of technology, lasers are now equipped to remove dark spots from the skin and lots more.

On the other hand, chemical peels act as nice fresheners which adds brightness to a dull tone. The accompanying exfoliation helps to create a bright overall tone and can lighten the spots on your face. Lasers, however, provide a swifter alternative to eliminate dark spots.

Are both treatment methods dependent on skin color or location of spots?

No, it doesn’t matter the color of skin or the location. Both can get the job done.

Are the pain levels different in peels and lasers?

While laser treatment is usually accompanied by a rubber band snap sensation, chemical peels usually come with a sting-like pain depending on the duration the doctor decides to leave it on and personal tolerance levels.

How long before either sees results?

In terms of results, laser treatments produce by far the quickest results when compared with chemical peels. Typically, it takes about 1-2 weeks to eliminate all the dark spots using laser treatments while 3-5 chemical peels ever the course of several weeks provide similar results.

Final words

Chemical peels and Lasers are both a good and effective way to get rid of darker spots in the skin. But in terms of speed, lasers provide a much faster result.

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