Lower Leg Laser Hair Removal

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Shaving the legs can become a tedious chore and while waxing can provide extended hairless benefits, the hair does eventually grow back, leaving you in the same repetitive cycle of constant hair removal. That’s why many women, and even men, have begun looking towards a more permanent solution – laser hair removal.

Laser Leg Hair Removal Process

Laser hair removal is a nonsurgical, noninvasive process that “zaps” hair with a laser light. With each zap, or rather pulse of laser light, the pigment within the hair absorbs the light and becomes damaged. The body sheds the damaged hair at the follicle (the root) and inhibits regrowth.

Hair on the body, be it on the head, face, or legs, goes through cycles of regrowth. This is why even after shedding, you still have a full head of hair and it is also why even after shaving or waxing, the hair keeps coming back. Laser hair removal targets the hair’s ability to continue its regrowth cycle. It can take about 5 to 12 treatment sessions to fully eliminate all regrowth cycles for each hair. With each treatment, you will notice less and less hair on your legs.

Laser Leg Hair Removal

Laser leg hair removal process is one of our more popular options and there are good reasons for it! In addition to limited regrowth of the hair on your legs (and subsequently the lack of needing to shave ever again) there are other benefits aside from the long-term hair removal.

Cost and Time Efficient

While the treatment cost of laser hair removal might seem too much at first, it is only when one sits and calculates the total amount spent on other methods like shaving or waxing that the economic benefit of laser hair removal is revealed. On average, disposable razors get one really good shave out of them and then the results are downhill after that – only to have to repeat the process in a few days.

Laser hair removal is a relatively quick process and although multiple treatments may be needed, they are several weeks apart. You’ll have more time to enjoy your soft, smooth hairless legs for a bit longer!

Less Pain Than Waxing

Shaving may be technically pain free but it is still a pain and a hassle to constantly deal with. Waxing on the other hand can range from uncomfortable to painful depending on your own personal tolerance levels and the area being waxed.

Laser hair removal is essentially painless, although you may feel the zapping of the laser on the hairs of your leg or other treated areas. Many clients compare this feeling to snapping a rubber band or hair tie against your skin. Some even describe the sensation of the laser as if a hot towel was placed against their skin. The feeling of laser hair removal is ranked at mildly annoying but still tolerable and overall, less painful than waxing.