Gentleman’s Facial

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Men may not readily admit that they need outside help in caring for their skin as easily as women do; however, now that times are changing, more men are seeking professional skin care help. A Gentleman’s Facial is our signature facial treatment designed with male skin types and contributing factors specific to men in mind.

Your esthetician will conduct a skin analysis and consider the following factors in determining the type of cleanse and masks to apply. The below factors can affect the health of your skin, contribute to breakouts, or cause dry or oily skin.

  • Environmental Exposure
  • Facial Hair Growth
  • Hormone Changes
  • Natural Levels of Sebum
  • Sun Damage
  • Hydration
  • At Home Care

Upon determining your skin type and condition, a warm water or steam application is applied to the face in order to open the pores and prepare the skin for the exfoliation process. A mechanical or chemical exfoliation is applied depending on your skin type and overall skin care goals. Mechanical exfoliation is the manual removal of dead skins cells through friction, such as in the use of an exfoliation brush to gently scrub your skin. Chemical exfoliation is the use of a chemical peel to remove the dead skin cell sand clear your pores.

Extractions, the removal of pimples or blackheads, are completed as necessary. This is a more efficient way of clearing pores without damaging the skin. A Gentleman’s Facial is completed with a hydrating mask to rebalance and tone the skin for overall healthier and stringer skin cells.