Express Facial

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In dire need of a facial appointment but not quite sure how you’ll manage the “me time”? Don’t sacrifice self-care, our Express Facial is ideal for your time restraints without losing out on the benefit of a good facial. The Express Facial is the perfect solution for squeezing in skin care on a busy schedule, performing a last-minute cleanse before a big event, or as a skin care “pick me up” between cleansing facials.

The benefits of an Express Facial are very much similar to any traditional or house signature facial. You will still enjoy the relaxing effect of having someone else take care of you for a few minutes and leave with a fresher, smoother, and more radiant face.

Following a quick cleanse of the surface of your skin, a gentle exfoliation is applied to help slough away dead skin cells, oil, and grime, and paving the way for the application of the facial mask. When the skin is properly cleaned prior to application, the Express Facial mask is more effective at clearing blackheads, reducing redness, and hydrating the skin without wasting your time.