Calming Facial

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Our Calming Facial is a favorite among clients who commonly experience red, dry, and irritated skin or who have sensitive skin. The Calming Facial is infused with natural, organic products that target inflammation while reducing the risk of further irritating sensitive skin and restore a balanced pH and moisture to the skin. Our Calming Facial is known for its natural benefit of:

  • Reduced Inflammation Of The Skin
  • Smoother, Softer Skin
  • Minimized Redness
  • Fights Acne And Eliminates Blemishes
  • Reduces Dry, Flaky Patches

The Calming Facial begins with a hydrating cleanse to wash away the surface layer of dead skin cells and environmental grime. The gentle face wash helps to remove excess oil and restore pH levels while the exfoliation process help deepen the pore cleansing for an overall improved look to the skin.

A soothing face mask, containing natural chamomile, is applied with a soft touch facial massage followed by a hydrating repair cream to nourish the skin. Enjoy a more radiant look following our Calming Facial Treatment.

Schedule your Calming Facial and let the irritants in your life be washed away.