Cryolipo is a non-surgical method of eliminating fat cells from targeted areas of the body.

Cryolipo works in a manner that is based on a study that was actually conducted at Harvard University: fat cells are greatly affected by severe changes in temperature, specifically below freezing temperatures.

How It Works

The principle behind Cryolipo is that the application of below freezing temperatures causes the fat cells to go into apoptosis, which is essentially the process of cellular death. The process is normal and in fact all your cells will go through this process as new cells are created to replace them.

By utilizing a specialized machine, we can target a specific part of your body for treatment. Common areas patients opt to perform Cryolipo on are the more difficult areas to lose even with diet and exercise – the lower abdomen, “love handles”, and the inner thighs.

It is important to note that Cryolipo only affects your fat cells. The machine is designed to target areas that have a higher volume of fat cells and the temperatures do not reach the healthy tissue and muscle below the fat cells, nor are these cells affected in the same way to the temperature applied.

Once the fat cells complete apoptosis, or die, they cannot regenerate. The dead fat cells are processed though your lymphatic system and removed from the body as waste.

How Soon Will I See Results?

The process of apoptosis is gradual. You will not go home in a smaller pants size; however, a few weeks to even a few months after your treatment you will notice that your pants no longer fit as they once did – in that they may have trouble staying up without a belt.

Each individual will see varying results as all bodies and their reactions to any treatment is different for each.

Is Cryolipo Better Than Liposuction?

Cryolipo is considered to be the non-surgical alternative to a liposuction treatment. Meaning that it is a completely outpatient procedure – you can resume normal activity following your Cryolipo treatment. Liposuction on the other had is a surgical procedure and will require downtime in order to heal.

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